Now that people have caught on to CBD, leaders in the industry are thinking up all kinds of new ways for us to consume it. The consumption of hemp is nothing new, as people have had a relationship with this plant for thousands of years. What’s fresh and exciting, though, is how many great products there are to give us options for how we’ll get our daily CBD. If you haven’t experienced a CBD shot yet, it may be high time to learn about Hempzilla.

What Is a CBD Shot?

If you’ve ever been in a convenience store, gas station, or checkout lane, you’ve probably already seen products like energy shots. The idea is that you only have to drink a small amount of something to get the effects you want, so long as the drink is sufficiently concentrated with the active ingredient. Hempzilla CBD shots take that same concept and apply it to hemp-derived cannabidiol. One little tube with 18mL of liquid contains a full serving of CBD.

Since these tubes are so small, you can easily bring it with you in your pocket or purse when you’re on the go. They only hold a little bit over one half of an ounce of liquid, so you don’t have to worry about consuming a big drink– each serving of CBD is just one little sip. Hempzilla CBD shots are a great option for anyone who wants to avoid all of the calories and sugar found in some cannabidiol edibles.

Why Do People Buy CBD Shots?

Besides the convenience of getting their cannabidiol in a tube, people buy CBD for a variety of reasons. It’s popular among everyone from athletes to the elderly. Some customers report that they like to enjoy a Hempzilla CBD shot when they’re starting to feel especially anxious at work, or when they’re not feeling their best physically.

A lot of people buy cannabidiol products from natural hemp when they have aching joints, sore muscles, or all kinds of other aches and pains. Since hemp-derived CBD is legal throughout the United States and will not lead to a failed drug test, lots of people turn to it if they’ve been having trouble sleeping.

Should I Buy CBD Online?

Online shopping has certainly become more reliable, and people trust it now more than ever before. That said, it’s still incredibly important to make sure you’re purchasing from a trusted vendor, especially when it comes to CBD. Some CBD companies don’t do thorough testing on their products, which means the market is flooded with impure cannabidiol that’s poorly labeled and doesn’t contain consistent ingredients.

Hempzilla, on the other hand, performs thorough lab testing on its CBD shots. They confirm that every batch contains a high concentration of CBD, and they only use natural ingredients. It all starts with cannabidiol that’s been extracted from pure hemp flower using a state of the art CO2 extraction process. Besides full spectrum CBD, their shots only contain filtered water, natural flavors, citric acid (the antioxidant in citrus fruits), and stevia leaf extract for a little bit of sweetness. 

Live Pure CBD

Here at Live Pure CBD, we only offer products from the most reliable CBD companies in the industry. You can find Hempzilla CBD shots among the many great products in our online store. If you have any additional questions about these CBD shots or any other product we sell, our experienced team will be happy to help. Otherwise, place your order today for fast delivery.

Image Credit: Shutterstock By HQuality