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HEMPBODY CBD Bath Bomb Citrus Tangerine 50mg

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Hempbody CBD Bath Bomb Citrus Tangerine creates a luxurious relief and comfort spa experience right in your own home-no hot tub required. Simply drop one into the tub and immerse yourself in a steaming bath full of big, luxurious bubbles and deeply relaxing fragrance. Hempbody CBD Bath Bomb are infused with pure Sweet Almond essential oil and nutrition-quality Vitamin E to moisturize, smooth and condition skin while you soak. 

Hempbody CBD Bath Bomb is dropped into warm bath water the amazing fizz and wonderful scent is released into thousands of fun and relaxing tiny bubbles. Hempbody CBD Bath Bomb doesn’t just fall part in the water! If you prefer, you can actually remove the Bomb from the water any time you wish and store it for another great bathing experience. 

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