Here at Live Pure CBD, we’re always working hard to maintain our position at the forefront of the CBD industry. Our efforts in that respect include going above and beyond to make sure that we have products that are legal for our customers, even if they live in areas of the United States with stricter CBD rules and regulations. 

We’ve been paying special attention to recent changes to some of the rules in Minnesota. Our customers from this state have a lot of questions, and we have answers.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re a Minnesota resident before you buy CBD online.

Minnesota CBD Laws Overview

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy released some of their concerns about the CBD products that were being sold within the state, and state legislators listened. Toward the end of the 2019 session, the Minnesota Legislature passed a bill that took action on some of the recommendations from the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. For example, CBD products now have to meet more requirements for testing and labeling.

Labels have to include the name and contact information of the business that produced the CBD product as well as a third-party lab that has tested the product for CBD content. The lab must also confirm that the product does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, or more than 0.3% THC. Labels also cannot make any claims that have not been approved by the FDA, and must say they haven’t been evaluated by the FDA.

Which Types of CBD Products Are Allowed?

Some CBD vendors take issue with the law that prohibits packaging from making claims about the potential therapeutic abilities of CBD. After all, they say, they have patients who regularly talk about how much CBD has enhanced their lives. 

Beyond this one point of contention, most people seem like they’re able to agree that these laws were created to help keep Minnesota residents safe. CBD products that have been thoroughly tested and appropriately labeled will still be legal throughout the state.

Safe and Legal CBD

Even though this legislation has been passed to help ensure that residents of Minnesota can buy safe CBD, there will still be some ability for untrustworthy CBD companies to continue their operations. Not all third-party labs are equally as good, and there are certainly some that will produce falsified or inaccurate lab reports. 

For that reason, it’s still important for people to be picky about where they get their CBD products. The good news, of course, is that you can find reliable online CBD stores with a wide variety of products that are legal throughout the United States.

Residents of Minneapolis and the rest of the state will still be able to buy all of the following CBD products:

  • CBD Oils

  • CBD Edibles

  • CBD Topicals

  • CBD Concentrates

  • CBD Vape Cartridges

  • CBD Bath Bombs

  • CBD Pet Products

Live Pure CBD

Here at Live Pure CBD, we always put our customers first. That means we go above and beyond to make sure our products are subjected to rigorous tests at independent labs. The results of those tests are readily available to our customers, and we always include clear labels on our packaging. 

If you’re concerned in any way about the most recent Minneapolis CBD restrictions, rest assured that our products are completely above board. While we can’t give legal advice, we’re more than happy to tell you more about our products as you work on understanding CBD laws. Contact us at any time.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/IRA_EVVA